Monday, 20 December 2010

20/31 beyond avoidance


December 20 – Beyond Avoidance What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?) (Author: Jake Nickell)

I’m a fairily good procrastinator (which is a way of avoiding things). truth o be said, once I make up my mind that something must be done, the i’m rather efficient at clearing things, especially when they are unpleasant duties. There are several things I have avoided doing this year, some of them were for the good, and I’ll keep avoiding them.

Others I should have not, and I’m more than decided not to do the same errors again.

The biggest thing I’d like to change is my current workplace not my job, which I do adore). That’s what I’m going to spend all my energies on next year.

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