Friday, 23 July 2010

back and with many news

The (very) short pause was really needed and enabled me to see life more lightly. Which I really need right now, considering all the big problems we are facing, at home and work.

Before leaving, in the madness of things, I did a couple of wooly purchases that really pleased me SO much!

I'm going through a lace-phase, and so, while going at my parents, I stopped at Mafil, a big wool "outlet" from a large firm, and allowed myself to test four different lace-yarns.

First thing, a nice coloured, for me of unusual composition (I usually prefer pure wool) beautiful levender hank (here already wind in a nice skein):


It's 40% acrylic, 35% wool and 25% alpaca, rather soft and with subtly changing colours, 2ply yarn.

Second purchase, is a bright green very fine 100% wool.


I was attracted by the colours of this type of yarn, and need to try to knit it to see if it is something I can deal with or if it is really too fine.
Infact I did prefer the following hank:


which is a bit thicker, and always 100% wool. I love also the colour!

Finally a bit of Alpaca:


Maybe I'm going through a green phase....

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