Sunday, 25 July 2010

the second woolly bit.... and MUCH more to come!

As I said yesterday, before leaving I did some wool shopping, partly induced by Ravelry friends, who signalled a nice site where a big sale was taking place... And needing some treats I allowed myself something!

There are some wools everybody talks about on the internet, saying fantastic things about them and producing wonderful knits. Some of them I have had the chance to see in reality (but did not buy them), others are just names and photos and comments.

A couple of weeks ago I bought all this goodnes, and i'm very happy I did!
First of all some Fyberspathes BFL sock wool, in a beautiful colourway:


Then some tweed, I love it so much! It's rustic tweed from Queensland Collection. I had never heard of this but could not resist, and i'm very happy with it. I may knit a small triangular scarf with it.


There was a big sale on Araucania wools, and I ended up exagerating a bit:
one of this:


And four of this (Ranco Multy):





A final consideration: usually I don't like much multicolored yarns, and so I'm now hunting for shawls patterns that may work with this yarn. I have found plenty, but any suggestion is more than welcome!

And to conclude, if you think, as I do, that I have got enough yarn to knit for the next year (not considering my huge stash), be prepared to something more, as one of my long-time dreams is coming true: I'm about to start spinning!


Francinapaperina said...

beh, ma dicci almeno dove hai comprato tutte 'ste meraviglie!

gis said...

OK, ho messo il link!