Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the new spinning wheel

I bought my wheel at an on-line store, Alysse creations.
It was an excellent choice and I'm so happy with everything. I dealt with Sandrine, one of the owners, who was very kind, ready to help and completely efficient. Once my questions answered, and once the order was sent, my wheel arrived safely and fast where I picked it up.


Then I just had to be patient, to arrive home and open my parcel....


It was hard to resist (and I did actually had a peek and squeezed the fibers I had ordered with the wheel (more about this in the next post), but it was absolutely worth it!


It was nice to open up the big box and find small, carefully packaged little things inside. There were also some presents: oil to keep the weel, and two small packets containing samples of merino and alpaca fibers!

Unpackaging was a lot of fun


And then the mounting begun


It was totally easy, with the clear instructions provided by Alysse Creations. These are in french, but on the internet you can find english versions and even videos ahowing you what to do. Personally I did everything with the provided instructions and it was really smooth sailing.
Halfway through it, I had the thrill of having my wheel turning around perfectly


And all was finished in about 40 minutes (it would have been less if it was a little cooler and maybe if I had not have to stop for a while).
Isn't it beautiful?




I really like it :-)))


Michela said...

Wow!!!! Che meraviglia Gis!! huhuhu non vedo l'ora di vedere le tue creazioni! e magari anche te prima o poi.... ;)

Francinapaperina said...

wow, wow, wow... non vedo l'ora di comrare da Loops and Hats the Etsy shop ;-)

Soth said...

Whoooot! I'm so excited for you. She is beautiful. Happy spinning Gis!