Tuesday, 6 July 2010

a new super hat

I finished another WW hat and I'm very pleased with it!


It's called symetrie, another wooly wormhead pattern, this time using sock yarn (schanzer 100 g hank bought at Mafil). I'm so happy with it! (Ravelry links to designer page and to my project).
I followed the very clear instructions, except the ribbing (mine is k1p1, while the patterns calls for k1tbl). This was not my decision, I simply misread the instructions!

I like how the striped yarn gives the effect of a 9 points star, and also the colours combination. I almost finished the second skein of yarn (leftover from the shawl), and I still have plenty in stash: I bought several hanks at Mafil some months ago!

To end the post, a modelled shot (OK, not the best, but it is difficult to picture yourself wearing a hat keeping the camera as far as possible without looking ;-)!!!).


Some more finished objects very soon!

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