Friday, 30 July 2010

one more post

In order to close the month in good shape one more post is needed.

The short, but really essential, holiday in Paris was totally awesome, and I could catch up wih good friends, and with many loved places. After living two years there (and being there many more times), I really need to pass by, at least once a year (in the ideal world).

Besides concerts, exhibition, dinners, long walks and book shops, a small visit was in order to some wool shops. First of all "La Droguerie"!


It's a charming, little shop, if a bit crowded, with lots of fabulous things, buttons, fabric and wool. Prices are bit high for my standards, but true to be told the wool is really fantastic, especially the Alpaca. And so I couldn't resist to invest on one of their models I have been looking at for such a long time.


Isn't it lovely? Have a closer look


The colour is fantastic and the wool so soft. I now itch to cast on (I also got the pattern for it!)



Pearlesyarn said...

Oh that is so lovely. It looks soooo soft and the colour is fabulous.

Margaret said...

I adore the front of that shop!